’s 2.5 million page views (annually) is where homebuyers can request information from communities, publications (ideal-LIVING Magazine), and RSVP to attend Ideal-LIVING Real Estate Shows.

Annual Listing:

• Minimum of two inclusions annually in e-campaigns to I-L’s opt-in

e-database of 90,000+ subscribers

• Rotating featured community banners on the homepage

• Digital promotion of discovery travel package


Contact Your Sales Representative Today  |  800-736-0321

• Buyers in real time/reciprocal linkage to your site

• Includes up to 5 home listings that can be updated in real time

• Social media promotion/posts (based on provided information)

Premium Online (Includes all Annual Benefits)

• Dedicated rotating homepage banners for premium listings only

• Includes up to 10 home listings that can be updated in real time

• Preferential order in all appropriate search criteria

• Highlighted in additional 2 additional premium ”Explore” e-campaigns

• 25,000+ verified individual moves (2021 USPS NCOA)

• 32,000+ specific community requests annually

• 14,000 Discovery tour requests generated annually

• Over 50,000 ideal-Living buyers moved over the past 2 years (2020/2021)

• 2,000+ ideal-LIVING buyers move each month